Vahram Aghasyan
Zbigniew Dłubak
Daniil Galkin
Sharon Hayes
Marzenna Kosińska
Barbara Kozłowska
Jarosław Kozłowski
Zbigniew Libera
Jerzy Lewczyński
Nikita Kadan
Anna Kutera
Romuald Kutera
Witek Orski
Harout Simonyan
Tomasz Szerszeń
Jan Świdziński
Empty Signifier / archive
20th september 2019
to 23rd september 2019
Place: Wolskie Centrum Kultury (Centrum Edukacji Historycznej)
ul. Wolska 46/48, 01-187 Warszawa

An empty signifier is the kind of signifier that, once filled with meaning, has become unintelligible for us. The reasons for this can be related to the loss of social or cultural energy, and may also point to the signifier’s original meaning, lost in the course of historical processes.
The exhibition evokes conceptual empty signifiers, sets, and gestures present in innovative 1970’s Polish art work
that art history has wrongly considered peripheral to mainstream contemporary art. It also attempts to indicate a relation between the capital of contextual art and
the objects found in the Society of Fighters for Freedom and Democracy archive.
The exhibition takes its point of departure in Objects that Question Other Objects (2019), a work by the Armenian conceptual artist Vahram Aghasyan. The work’s origins go back to a banner used during the “Velvet Revolution” in Armenia in 2018. During the protests one of the banners proclaimed, “Long Live the Revolution of Love and Solidarity!” – a reference to the solidarity of the protesters as they stood up against an authoritarian regime.
Aghasyan’s banner proclaims, “Long Live the Revolution of Love and Solidarity,” harkening back to the Anarcho-Communist motto of “liberty, equality, solidarity,” while pointing out its original inspiration and asking about the modifications it has undergone.
The gestures of the featured artists become questions about the contextual meaning of the archive. So can the problems of language be solved today on the level of art only?

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Zbigniew Dłubak