Błażej Pindor
30th december 2015
to 12th february 2016

Błażej Pindor photographs the buildings. It might be easy but his goal is very complex and effects are ambiguous. His interest about architecture takes him to the research and discovers a huge context of architecture’s function. Landscape, urbanistic, economic and social processes are the subject of his works. Pindor is not a classical architecture photographer.

He is a photographer and critic in the same time- he tries to discover, revalue and seek after the truth, the essence of architecture, not to create the views of contemporary building industry. On his photographs the building are not like they should be, but they are truly in reality.

Błażej Pindor is a photographer who studding very carefully simplicity of urban and architectural sights in his very intriguing images.

23.12.2015 20:27:14

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Błażej Pindor
Untitled (LW-0184, LKW-0185)
Lublin 2015