Plewiński Wojciech
Przekrój Magazine from the Backstage
24th september 2011
to 22nd october 2011
The success of Przekrój, Poland's first illustrated magazine, stemmed, among other things, from the editorial team's ability to document the customs of socialist Poland and from its search for means of expression open to new customs, inspired by Western lifestyles, fashions and tastes.

Cover photos of young women, made since 1956 by Wojciech Plewiński, were an integral part of the strategy pursued by editor-in-chief, Marian Eile. The iconographic breakthrough of the 'thaw' period was thanks to his familiarity with contemporary French culture and with magazines like Elle, Marie Claire or Paris Match. The new model combined text and images in a modern fashion, with Przekrój gradually becoming a 'visual magazine'.

Przekrój from the Backstage presents a confrontation of the working techniques of the photographer and the chief editor: foreign inspirations, a selection of historical photos, their reverse sides with layout artists' notes, copies of archival magazines, sketches of formal solutions.

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(born 1928 in Warsaw) lives and works in Cracow. After dropping out of sculpture studies at the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts, he studied architecture at the Cracow University of Technology, graduating in 1955. Rather than practicing his learned profession, he took up photography, becoming a member of the Union of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF) as early as in 1957. Co-founder, with Zbigniew Łagocki and Wacław Nowak, of the informal collective Domino. Long-time collaborator of the Przekrój weekly (some 500 covers by 1990). A precursor of Polish fashion and advertising photography, he pioneered and for many years dominated the ‘cover girl’ genre. Author, from 1959, of photographic documentations of over 700 shows at various Cracow theatres (Rapsodyczny, Stary Teatr, Teatr im. J. Słowackiego), including legendary stagings by Konrad Swinarski, Józef Szajna, Andrzej Wajda, Jerzy Jarocki, Krystian Lupa.

He has shown his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. His photographs are in the collections of major institutions such as the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź or the Muzeum Narodowe in Wrocław. Recipient of numerous awards, e.g. 1st Prize for Press Photography in Warsaw (1959); Gold Medal at the Theatre Photography Triennial in Novi Sad (1968, 1971); Medal for Old People in Madrid (1969); 1st Prize for Pope John Paul II in Poland photo essay (1979).

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Wojciech Plewiński