MPI / Statement

‘We are sitting here and viewing photographs while the heroes lie under the ground. Is that all right?’

                                                                                                Jerzy Lewczyński

Images come and go like wind, no one knows where from or where to.

We can experience this peculiar circumstance of their appearing at any moment, such as when visiting a museum, washing dishes or sleeping. Sometimes it seems that these images have no material model whatsoever and we want to preserve them. Sometimes we find them in the shape of photographs or sights and try to arrange them into a composition. This composition creates in our imagination a new image, one that is our private mystery, which we do not fully comprehend, and yet constituting a peculiar vision, of a total value for its author. ‘All’ of us, after all, carry in ourselves images that have unique meaning for us.

Jerzy Lewczyński, an archaeologist of photography, wrote: ‘I believed that saying the truth about the world, about what I see, with one image only is impossible. Photography requires a sequence, so we created such sequences, which had earlier been shown in Gliwice during the Closed Presentation in 1959 with Zdzisław Beksiński and Bronisław Schlabs’.

In the language of André Malraux and Jerzy Lewczyński, our sequence constitutes a ‘third reality’. When we start reading it, we discover the space of the Museum of Private Imagination.

Creating the MPI space is a step towards working in the field of the archaeology of photography. The MPI is a wall two by three metres in the gallery’s hallway, where views of the sequence are shown as a ‘third reality’ image.

The sequence’s view affects the observer’s intellectual and emotional patterns, revealing its incompatibility with other recipients’ worlds of meaning. Only when we meet is meaning revealed and is then interpreted in the course of our communication.

The next stage is the medium’s transparency, which makes us realise that a sequence of images, photographs or documents in the so called third reality cannot be fully comprehended.

This experience is the goal of goals in the MPI space.

Rafał Lewandowski

04.07.2012 17:58:23